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Aqua Klean Systems - Inline Chemistry Cleaners

Aqua Klean Systems has been a local leader in electronics manufacturing equipment since 1996. Our company began with the design and manufacturing of deionized water recycling systems for the electronics industry. Shortly after, we started refurbishing, servicing, and selling used inline cleaners from all manufacturers with warranties. The experience our engineers gained by working with multiple inline cleaners have put Aqua Klean Systems in a position to produce the best cleaners for today's industry and well into the future.

In 2009 Aqua Klean Systems began to engineer and design it's own inline cleaner, called "The Typhoon". Through fine-tuning of what was successful and what hindered other inline cleaners, Aqua Klean Systems debuted it's very first Typhoon Cleaner at the 2011 IPC APEX Show. In the span of two years since, we have successfully shipped, installed and supported many Typhoon models. The Typhoon Inline Cleaner has already proven to be one of the best in the industry, obtaining high praises from multiple companies with strict standards.

Although it may seem we are strictly only an inline cleaning manufacturer, we are well known in many areas of water purification and treatment systems. This includes Deionized water, high purity water recycling systems, Ultra Filtration, and industrial RO Systems. Aqua Klean Systems has designed and manufactured hundreds of water systems for every need in locations all over the world.

Our goal at Aqua Klean Systems is to ensure our customers are extremely happy with both, our products and service. Our drive to provide the best products and service has allowed Aqua Klean Systems to triple in size within the last 5 years to meet the demands of our dynamic customer growth. We greatly look forward to working with new and existing customers in providing new innovative cleaning and engineering solutions.


19 January 2016


Capital Equipment

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